China's super-combustion ramjet core technology leads the world

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  In the past, China was almost synonymous with the manufacture of low-end products, and only produced toys, clothing, and life tools. In the field of armament manufacturing, many military fans and the international community also believe that the United States, Russia, France, France and Japan are truly top quality, and the quality of China’s armaments is always at a low level.

  In the past, people always used the cottage to describe China's armaments. Westerners were afraid that the sale of armaments would be imitated by China. Even when it was time to talk about tigers, even the Chinese were afraid of the cottage. It is undeniable that China’s manufacturing has had a trough, and China’s armaments have had a low tide. However, decades of retreat, China has gradually joined the world, China's technology and manufacturing levels have increased substantially, and China's overall industrial level and technical level have greatly improved.

  Recently, the domestic aircraft carrier launched, the C919 large passenger plane first flight, the strategic nuclear submarine launched, the new strategic bomber 20 will soon be put into production, and the high-end machine tool will make a breakthrough. The turbofan 15 will be put into production immediately, and the Chinese manufacturing 2025 dream is on the way. The first flight of the C919 large passenger aircraft has been favored by the world's major users, and the European Airbus and the US Boeing have therefore signed 570 orders less, mourning! Because the buyer ordered the C919.

  In this regard, the Americans desperately said: Chinese people really fly!

  According to Chinese media reports, Sun Gang, a professor at the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics of Fudan University who participated in the design of the C919 aircraft, said that China and Russia are cooperating to develop the C929 aircraft. The C929 aircraft is designed to be wide-body and dual-channel, and the number of seats will also increase significantly. The future voyage of the C929 aircraft It is expected to reach 12,000 kilometers, which can meet the requirements of most routes in the global market.

  It will mean that China will break the battle between Boeing and European Airbus in the next few decades. At that time, it will be domestic aircraft flying over our motherland!

  It means that the Chinese people have been squandered in the past few decades, and they are no longer being asked by Americans!

  It also means that the Chinese have since taken off the last piece of fig leaf in the industrial field!

  In the past, we couldn't make a ballpoint pen refill, now we can make it;

  In the past, we couldn't make chips, now we have the dragon core;

  China has successfully developed and perfected the preparation of high-temperature alloy steel, and the engine technology will soon be perfected and surpass the West! We need time and time now. Aerospace, domestic aircraft carriers, quantum communications, supercomputers, nuclear power, and high-speed rails are numerous. China is creating a story of another corner overtaking. Recently, a Chinese supersonic weapon test has been successful, and it is a good example of another classic case of overtaking in China.

  In the past, Chinese foreign nails, foreign fires, and oils were all oceans. Today's world made in China has become a resounding name!

  In the past, China has written the longing for confrontation into one myth. Today, the Chinese lunar exploration project has made smooth progress, and the construction of the space station has been solidly advanced. In the near future, there will be only one space station in China.

  In the past, China did not have its own submarines and ships, let alone aircraft carriers. Nowadays, China’s dual aircraft carriers have entered the service, the dumplings under the ships, and the new nuclear submarines have made important progress.

  In 68 years, we have changed from poverty to prosperity, from weakness to prosperity, from the Eight-Power Allied Forces to the Eight-Party Party. In 68 years, we changed the world! From nothing to everything, everything from nothing to prosperity, to prosperity and prosperity; from the beginning of the world to the overseas layout, in just 68 years, China has completed the feat that the West has failed to achieve for nearly a hundred years!

  China's national strength is increasing day by day. It is already the world's second largest economy. The economy, military, and science and technology are all in the forefront of the world. The quality of life of ordinary people is gradually improving. The sleeping dragon of China finally awakens and realizes the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. dream.

  Not long ago, China flew for the first time to fly a hypersonic aircraft that surpassed all modern supersonic aircraft, including the US SR-71 Blackbird strategic reconnaissance aircraft, at a speed of at least Mach 5, and the result was a complete success. According to the news, China Electronics Technology Group Corporation successfully completed the development of the prototype of the first all-solid-state terahertz imaging radar system. It marks China's terahertz imaging radar related technology and has reached the domestic first-class and international advanced level. Chinese technology is no worse than the United States, Germany and other powerful countries, and even in the process of being in a leading position.

  Some people are afraid of American technology, some people admire Germany's rigor, some worship Russia, and some admire Japan's cleanliness. And I, I am proud of China speed! In less than 70 years, we have nuclear weapons, nuclear power plants, Shenzhou spacecraft, moon landing, Tianshang cargo spacecraft, Beidou navigation, high-scoring satellites, aircraft carriers, With the Chinese Aegis, with a nuclear submarine, with the Long March launch vehicle, with Dongfeng 5, with a huge wave 2, with a long sword 10, with an eagle hit, with 歼 10, with 歼 20, with Yun 20, with air police 2000, with air police 500, with a straight 10, with a straight 20, with a drone, with a transport 8 series of special machines, with C919, with Taihang, with 99A With the 04 step, with the red arrow 10, with the red flag 9, with the Dongfeng has a sky, with Tianhe, with the light of Shenwei Taihu, with a laser gyro, with quantum communication.

  In 2017, China will also launch the world's first professional night-time remote sensing satellite "Chang'e-1" 01 star, and in 2019 re-launch the "Chang'e-1" 02 star to verify the radar satellite multi-angle imaging mode. The satellite can see all the illuminated bridges on the Yangtze River at night, and obtain a night view with higher accuracy than the current US satellite. It is no exaggeration to say that China Aerospace has created a world first.

  China plans to implement nearly 30 space launch missions this year to advance its ambitious space program. China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation has previously stated that this year's launch mission will be completed mainly by the "Long March 5" and "Long March 7" rockets. It is said that the "Chang'e-1" 01 star will be able to obtain a night scene with higher accuracy than the current US satellite. The satellite will be used to assist economic planners and analysts in conducting research and provide relevant data for making overseas trade decisions.

  According to an article published by the US News Network, China has built a new nuclear submarine construction base in China, which allows China to build up to six nuclear submarines at the same time. In addition to the existing 093 and 094 nuclear submarines, China will also build a new generation of 095. And 096 nuclear submarines, of which 096 nuclear submarines can carry up to 24 intercontinental nuclear missiles.

  A scramjet is a ramjet in which fuel is burned in a supersonic flow. When using hydrocarbon fuel, the flight M number of the scramjet engine is below 8, and when using liquid hydrogen fuel, the flight M number can reach 6-25. The supersonic or hypersonic flow is diffused at the inlet to the lower supersonic speed of the Mach 4, and then the fuel is injected from the wall and/or the protrusions in the gas stream, mixed with the air in the supersonic combustion chamber and combusted, and finally, after combustion The gas is discharged through an expanded nozzle.

  The good news associated with the breakthrough of China's hypersonic missiles is the successful development of China's supersonic combustion ramjet engines, and many technical indicators far exceed the level of the United States, Russia, Japan, Britain and France, causing international sensation. Another core technology of hypersonic aircraft, the hypersonic shock wave wind tunnel, China has also made a decisive breakthrough.

  The Russian media pointed out that the success of China's hypersonic missiles proves that China has been deeply involved in the field of transcendental ramjet engines for many years and has made important progress. China Aviation News Network has published a report, mentioning that the "series turbine stamping combined engine for an aircraft" passed the design review. This should be the engine used in the new high-speed aircraft. The ramjet in the combination should be a sub-combustion ramjet.

  The Canadian "Hanhe Defense Review" published "China Development High-Speed ​​Aircraft" said that in several airports in China, objects similar to high-speed aircraft have been discovered since 2014. Beginning in November 2014, China’s “high-speed aircraft” began to appear, with a length of 8.5 meters and a wingspan of 5.8 meters. In September 2015, China's official website announced the success of China's "cross-generation aircraft" test flight. Throughout the development of China's military equipment in recent years, it can be seen that many weapons development began at the same level as the United States.

  The media also pointed out that the Rockets are also developing high-speed aircraft. The development of the high-speed aircraft is of course the former, that is, the boosting gliding type, which is released by the medium-range ballistic rocket, and implements unpowered, high-speed, motorized gliding. It can not only fight against the United States. The missile defense system, and the attack speed is quite fast, will cause the United States to lose at least 50% of its strategic warning time. The peak of military commentators said that if it is true, the US military will be quite shocked. There is no doubt that in the course of anti-missile interception, a few seconds is likely to be a fatal result.

  According to media analysis, great progress has been made, such as turbofan-18 and turbofan-20, which is enough to provide a guarantee for the development of H-20. At present, China is known to be the country with the most research and development of stealth fighters. From 歼-20, 歼-31, 歼-18 to "Sword" stealth drones, there are so many kinds of stealth fighters, so China can completely achieve the world in stealth fighter technology. Advanced level.
  Recently, the Russian side pointed out that China's turbofan 15, from the current data, the turbofan 15 has achieved a good technical breakthrough, and will soon be applied to the Chinese aviation field on a large scale, when the Chinese fighter will scale its own heart Flying, no longer subject to foreign restrictions. Many media have reported that the 歼-20 uses the turbofan-15 engine test flight. Although it is not officially equipped, after testing and comparing the data of the Russian engine and the domestic turbofan-15 engine, it can be found that the Chinese engine is completely inferior to the Russian engine. . The media expects to be equipped with domestic J-20 fighters within this year, which can be achieved within a few months. According to another report, China's Vortex-15 "Emei" engine designed for the fifth-generation aircraft is already intensively tested and is also close to the fixed window time.

  Chinese manufacturing has already turned over. I would like to ask now, who dares to say "Made in China"?

  What we envy, what we long for, and now, become reality.

  China's high-speed rail, spread throughout China, spread to Southeast Asia, paved to Europe, paved to the United States, all over the world. . . . . . Foreigners have thumbs up, and their praise has made "Made in China" brighter.

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