China becomes the world's largest robot market Li Yizhong proposes to strengthen independent innovation

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  China becomes the world's largest robot market Li Yizhong proposes to strengthen independent innovation China is the world's largest robot market. By 2020, the market will expand to about 14 billion US dollars.
  Li Yizhong, president of the China Federation of Industrial Economics, said in Guangzhou on the 27th that in recent years, the Chinese robot industry has developed rapidly, but there are still many problems. He suggested increasing the intensity of independent innovation, strengthening the research of high-end robotics, creating a group of backbone enterprises with strong scientific and technological innovation capabilities, and training a group of specialized "Little Giant" enterprises.
  On the same day, as one of the largest robot exhibitions in China, “2018 China (Guangzhou) International Robotics, Intelligent Equipment and Manufacturing Technology Exhibition” opened in Guangzhou. More than 700 companies including SINOMACH, Aerospace Science and Technology, Xinsong, SINOMACH, and Ruisong participated in the exhibition.
  Li Yizhong said in his opening speech that last year, China’s industrial robots sold a total of 141,000 units, an increase of 58.1% year-on-year; it is expected to exceed 150,000 units this year, and the market size will exceed $6 billion, plus service robots and special robots will reach 8.74 billion US dollars.
  He said that in recent years, the key technologies of China's robot industry have accelerated, and the trend of localization of core components has gradually emerged. Taking the reducer as an example, more than 60% of China's low-end and mid-range robots use domestic reducers. The level of independent research and development of intelligent control and application systems continues to improve, and the independent design capability of manufacturing processes is also constantly improving.
  At the same time, the structure of Chinese robot products is gradually developing to the middle and high end. A large number of robot enterprises with high level of business, practical industry and mature application programs are emerging. Last year, the sales of domestic multi-joint robots surpassed the coordinate robot for the first time and became the main model. Industrial robots are developing in the direction of diversification, flexibility and intelligence.
  The application field of Chinese robots continues to expand, and the "machine substitution" effect is obvious. The field of industrial robots has gradually expanded from new fields such as automobiles, 3C, packaging, warehousing and logistics to new energy, environmental protection equipment, high-end equipment and consumer goods. The average number of robots per 10,000 workers in the manufacturing industry has risen from 23 in 2013 to 50, close to the global average.
  In addition, the gathering process of China's robot industry has accelerated. The country has formed several robot R&D and manufacturing centers in the Pearl River Delta,        Yangtze River Delta, Beijing-Tianjin region, Shenha and Chengyu, each with its own characteristics.
  However, Li Yizhong also pointed out that China's robot industry is still not strong in its independent innovation capability, and there is still a big gap between it and overseas in terms of human-computer interaction technology, control technology, environmental sensing and sensing technology, material technology, artificial intelligence and other core technologies. Key components such as precision reducers, controllers, servo motors and high-performance drives are also imported.
In addition, low-level repeat construction is quite prominent. At present, there are more than 1,000 robot companies and more than 50 robot industry parks in China, but most of them are not competitive.
  Li Yizhong suggested that China's robot industry should combine production, study and research to strengthen high-end robotics, especially to break through a number of core components and major iconic products; the government and departments should strengthen the overall planning and effective policy support for the development of the robot industry. Build a good industrial innovation and development ecology. At the same time, we must expand the application of robots in various industries and accelerate the cultivation of talents.

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